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Rotary Club of West Wichita builds 80 bookshelves in 80 minutes
for first graders at Lawrence Elementary School

Rotary_Kreis-router4web.jpg (19117 bytes)Each year, in order to encourage young children to adopt healthy reading habits,Rotary_Klassen1web.jpg (26101 bytes) the Rotary Club of West Wichita builds an individual bookshelf for each first grade student at Lawrence Elementary School.

The 2002 Rotary bookshelves were built on November 14th in the woodworking shop at the home of Bob Goebel, retired Star Lumber executive and fellow Rotarian.Rotary-Winslow-Bowles-load-web.jpg (15901 bytes)

Rotary_West-Sullivan-web.jpg (17043 bytes)As has become tradition, the Rotarians set up a mini-assembly line and average producing one bookshelf a minute, completing 80 bookshelves in 80 minutes.Hayden-web.jpg (21998 bytes)

Duling-web.jpg (21149 bytes)The bookshelves were presented to the Lawrence first graders in December. The Rotary Club of West Wichita also provides funds to the Lawrence librarian who purchases three first grade level reading books for each student.

RogerNancy-web.jpg (26459 bytes)At the presentation ceremony, the first graders are also given a packet of decalsDustin-web.jpg (22720 bytes) so that each child can decorate their bookshelf  in their own unique style. The decals are provided by another Rotarian, Roger Bowles of Thermal Trade, Inc., Wichita.