New Officers Assume Duties At Rotary Club of West Wichita

A new slate of officers and directors have assumed their responsibilities at the Rotary Club of West Wichita for the 2007-2008 year.

The club’s new officers are: DeAnn Sullivan, President; Dr. Mike Ludlow, President-Elect; Celia Goering, Vice President; Nancy Duling, Secretary, and Roger Eastwood, Treasurer.

Members of the club’s board include the officers as well as new and holdover directors.
Second year directors for 2007-2008 are: Paul Blissett, Mike Bingenheimer, Ed Frey, Tony Goebel, Maurice Linnens, and Mike Suellentrop. New directors are: Andy Johnson, Brian Martin, Rene Cordell, and Bob Harbison. Dr. Bob Nelson, the immediate past president is an ex-officio board member.