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In case you are wondering how it works,
here is a brief description of some of the things we do at our weekly meetings:

The pledge is recited for obvious reasons. The 4-Way Test, was originally written by a businessman, Herb Taylor, to save his struggling company. It was later adopted by Rotary when he became R.I. President and is used by Rotarians as a guide for personal & business ethics. In reference to the invocations at our meetings, Rotary policy recognizes that throughout the world Rotarians represent many religious beliefs, ideas and creeds. The religious beliefs are fully respected and nothing in Rotary is intended to prevent each individual from being faithful to such convictions. Pleas note: If you would like to volunteer to lead periodically in the Pledge, 4-way test, and invocation at our weekly meetings and are not already on the list, please contact Diane.

A make-up credit drawing is held at the end of our club meeting as an incentive for you to wear your Rotary lapel pin (or any other Rotary attire). Each week, a member’s name will be drawn. If that member is present AND wearing some type of Rotary attire, they will receive a “free” make-up credit to use anytime during that current quarter. By the way, it’s okay to wear your Rotary attire other days of the week too!

Help support our weekly raffle. Tickets are $2.00 each or three for $5.00. Half of each week’s ticket sales are put in a fund to help feed needy families during the holidays. A standard deck of cards including jokers will be used to determine the amount the winner shall receive. Amounts are based on the following scale:
  • Jokers = 0
  • 2 – 9 = face values
  • 10 = $10.00
  • Jack, Queen, King = $15
  • Ace = half of the total money in the pot collected since the last Ace was drawn
After the winning ticket is drawn, the winner will draw a card from the deck and that card will be paid out as per the above scale. The card pulled from the deck will then be discarded and the deck will be reduced by one card each week. As the weeks go on and the pot builds, the Aces will definitely have an impact on the drawing. If the Aces are in the deck, the odds get better as time goes on. If an Ace is drawn from the deck, then the next Ace’s value is half of the total pot collected since the last Ace was drawn. Once all four Aces are drawn, the deck of cards is discarded and a new deck starts the process all over again. You must be present at the meeting to purchase raffle tickets but you can appoint someone else to “watch over” your tickets if you need to scoot early.

If you need to “scoot” early from the meeting, drop a dollar in the Scooter bowl on the back table. The money collected is used for our holiday fund.

As a courtesy, please turn off your cell phone or put it on silent during our meetings. Otherwise, if your phone goes off during the meeting you are asked to pay a $5.00 fine to the Scooter Bowl.

Plan to attend our monthly STAR class especially geared for new members to teach them more about Rotary and our club. They are held the third Tuesday of each month (unless otherwise announced) in the Par Room at Rolling Hills Country Club at 11:15 a.m. before our noon Rotary meeting. A different topic is covered each month. A make-up credit is given to those in attendance.

New members are presented with a temporary red badge to wear at our meetings. The red badge will not only identify them as a new member of our club but also participation in this program will assist them in expanding their knowledge of Rotary and present to them opportunities for Rotary service and fellowship. After completing five specified activities, they receive their permanent blue luncheon badge.

During the school year, bring items such as pencils, pens, notepads, toys, promotional items, etc. -- things that kids would like and you don’t need. These items are donated to Lawrence Elementary and used to reward the students.

When you travel, bring back the toiletry items from your hotel room for our “Necessities for the Needy” bucket. Donated items are distributed to the needy through the United Methodist Open Door. The bucket is located on the front podium at each week’s meeting.

By purchasing Dillon’s Dollars at the meetings, you can shop for groceries, fill your vehicle with fuel, give gifts to employees, or send grocery or gasoline money to your college kids AND help our Rotary Club impact the lives of children at Lawrence Elementary. Here’s how it works: Our club purchases in bulk, certificates good at Dillon’s and Kwik Shop convenience stores all over Wichita (as well as Manhattan and Lawrence) at a 4% discount from face value. We then make them available for you to purchase at $25 increments at each of our weekly meetings. When you’re done shopping and ready to check out, you simply present the certificates to the cashier. That’s it! No secret handshake, no card to swipe and best of all, no pin number to memorize.

Someone will circle the room with the “happy basket” at the beginning of our club meetings. If you have something you want to announce, throw in your dollar and make your announcement. It can be anything that’s happening in your life that you want to share with the club. This is a fun way to get to know your fellow Rotarians better. Any business or community announcement (shameful plugs) will cost you $5.

Each month our club recognizes students from a different grade level for the “extra effort” they’ve given in their classroom. Teachers are asked to choose a student from their class for this recognition. The teachers and students are invited to attend our club meeting on the third Tuesday of the month where they are introduced to the club and a certificate is presented to them.