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Strategic Plan

Approved March 13, 2006

It is the recommendation of the Board Of Directors that the Club develop, maintain, refine, and continually update a set of priorities to be known as The Strategic Plan.

The Board hereby adopts the following priorities as The Strategic Plan for the Club; and the officers, directors, and members are hereby authorized and directed to implement the same.


  1. Size of Club The Club should maintain a roster of 80 to 100 members, this being an ideal size to accomplish Club goals without loss of our close personal touch.
  1. Quality of Membership The Club should give high priority to seeking active, involved candidates (leaders) than to merely increasing the number of members.
  1. Diversity The Club should seek to maintain the vocational diversity of its members and to further diversify, vocationally as well as ethnically, by use of a vocational classification system and by other means.
  1. Projects Support of the administration and staff of Lawrence Elementary School should continue to be the Club’s “signature” project and primary outward focus.However, this should not connote diminished importance of any of the service committee projects.
  1. Club Foundation The Club Foundation shall be organized to support charitable activities such as Family Meals, Scholarships, and/or other opportunities determined by the Foundation Board.The Club Foundation shall not infringe on RI Foundation endeavors.


  1. Update Priorities These priorities should be reviewed annually at the beginning of the Board year and be updated on a minimum basis of every three years.
  1. Member Privacy Maintain a policy prohibiting the use of the Club roster or membership directory for purposes which do not involve Club activities or further the purposes of Rotary.
  1. Attendance and Participation Maintain and review a policy to be followed in dealing with members whose attendance and participation in Club activities do not meet Club standards.
  1. Service Committee Activity Insure that the four avenues of service plus the Foundation Committee maintain a current and active slate of projects in support of club goals.
  1. Budget Insure that the club budget is pertinent and realistic in support of committee activities and club goals.


  1. Delegate Directors of each of the service committees should not be tempted to “do it yourself.”The Club has much talent and all members should be encouraged to “get involved.”The use of subcommittees and subcommittee chairs is one method to accomplish this.
  1. Match Talent and Activities Increased awareness of the various committee activities and projects might facilitate improved matching.
  1. Develop Projections For the sake of continuity, consistency, and efficiency, service committee directors should maintain records of the budgetary and time requirements for each of the activities and for each of the subcommittees.Historical records of such requirements should be maintained for future committee directors and recommendations should be made in the form of projections for budget and time requirements for future years.Such records may be similar to the attached Exhibit A.
  1. Organizational Chart Each service committee director should maintain and constantly revise and update an organizational chart for the committee.The organizational chart should include a listing of all projects and activities of the committee, with the names of the member(s) in charge of each.A copy of each revision should be filed with the Secretary (and posted on the club web site.)


  1. Fireside Meetings Fireside meetings should be held on a regular basis, and are a key element of Vocational Service.
  1. Professional Profiles Consider expanding methods of acquainting members with the vocations of other members.
  1. Scholarships Consider the best mix of scholarships, whether high school seniors, RYLA, or other.
  1. Interact Club Consider effective methods to support and mentor Interact Club organization to foster interest and growth.


  1. Student Exchanges Determine the best way to promote and develop interest and support for outgoing and incoming students.
  1. Group Study Exchange Consider greater emphasis on outgoing GSE teams as well as support and interaction with incoming teams.
  1. RITE Club support of this valuable teacher exchange should continue to be an International priority.
  1. Panama Consider ways to further support and enhance club, district, and Interact efforts in the various projects initiated in Panama.
  1. International Visitors Find ways to promote the virtues and rewards of hosting international visitors.Hosting is critical to successful efforts in relation to GSE, Youth Exchange, Open World Program, and RITE.


  1. Lawrence School
    1. Support of the administration and staff of Lawrence Elementary School should continue to be the Club’s “signature” project and primary outward focus.
    2. The Club’s function with respect to Lawrence School should be to support education by a) indirect encouragement of students and b) direct support of teachers and administration
    3. Consult more closely with teachers and school administration in setting priorities for Lawrence activities and support.Reconsider the importance of all activities, following consultation with the teachers and administration.Determine the relative importance of a) financial support and b) “social” activities, and the resources available for each.
    4. Consider applying for available RI Foundation grants and to the District for District Simplified Grants.The possibility of grants from other organizations should also be considered.
  1. Other Projects Other Community Service projects should be maintained, enhanced, and promoted as complementary to the Lawrence effort.These include, but are not limited to:
  • Necessities For The Needy
  • Student Rewards
  • Student Achievement Awards
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing
  • Angel Tree
  • Holiday Family Meals
  • Monthly Family Meals


  1. Quality Membership The Club should give priority to seeking active, involved, members (leaders).
  2. Orientation and Mentoring Systems should be improved for the orientation of new members and for the growth and mentoring of existing members.Member retention is an important goal.
      A.The Club brochure should be reviewed annually and updated as needed. B.Consider making some number of information (STAR) meetings mandatory for new members. C.Insure every new member is assigned to a service committee upon induction and receives some orientation with respect to that committee.
  3. The possibility of a Club fundraiser should be reviewed and/or investigated periodically (i.e. every 2-3 years).
  4. Rotary Information Meetings Consider how best to have Club Assemblies for the dissemination of Club information and policies.
  5. Web Site Use the Club web site to detail and promote Club organization, Club and Committee activities, and schedules of events.


  1. Foundation Support Determine the most effective method to promote donations to the RI Foundation through education, information, and participation in programs such as EREY.