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2020-21 YEAR END REPORT:             
The pandemic certainly had an impact on plans, but creative alternatives were used for our meetings and activities, so it didn't slow us down much. Our thanks to Club President Colin McKenney, along with our Board, for their leadership through a challenging year.
  • Current membership: 58 (Men: 42 + Women: 16)
  • Member added: Wade West / Members lost: Ken Hays, Shelli Kadel, Angela Malley
  • Birthday Recognitions: led by Rod Brown, consisted of a monthly drawing for a $25 gift card to a local merchant. In order to be eligible for the drawing, birthday celebrants had to attend at least one meeting (in person or zoom) during their birthday month.
  • Our Rotary Awareness Drawing resumed after a break for several years. If a member is present at a meeting and wearing some type of Rotary apparel, they win a Rotary shopping bag or a Rotary car decal, both provided by Rod Brown.
  • We raised $480.60 through the Happy Basket announcements at our meetings.
  • The Weekly Raffle raised funds for our Holiday Groceries. Lori Taylor and Bob Broeckleman each won the Ace pot this year.
  • We held 45 meetings via zoom, in person, or hybrid. Thanks to Mark Chamberlin, DeAnn Sullivan, Jamie Wise, Dan Kreis and others for their help with zoom, in front or behind the scenes, for our meetings!
  • Dillons Community Rewards Program: overseen by Dave Abbott. We have 8 households currently participating and have earned $143.41 from the three quarters reported so far this year. The funds are used for charitable projects.
  • Annual Christmas Luncheon: The Friends Concert Choir was unable to perform this year but we had a special Christmas video of greetings by our members compiled by Mark Chamberlin. There were 21 members + 9 guests in attendance.
  • Wind Surge Baseball outing: organized by John Oswald. We had 24 members + 41 guests in attendance, despite the heat. There were 300 total at the game representing our area Rotary clubs.
  • Monthly Groceries: organized by Rod Brown, were purchased and delivered to 10 families in need selected from Lawrence & Benton Elementary schools during the school year. 14 members were involved with this project.
  • Holiday Grocery Project: organized by Mark Hansen. We had 13 members participate this year by purchasing and delivering groceries to four families in need each at Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas.
  • Angel Tree project: organized by Mark Hansen, our members purchased 54 Christmas gifts which were distributed between four families in need from Lawrence Elementary. The Wish List sign up was sent out via e-mail this year.
  • Rotary Shopping Bags: provided by Rod Brown, were used for our monthly and holiday grocery deliveries to serve as an awareness to the recipients of our club’s involvement, as well as, promote the Rotary name.
  • Bookshelf Building project: Bob Goebel supplied the wood and workshop to build 160 bookshelves and Roger Bowles supplied the decals to decorate them. Due to pandemic precautions and concerns, only a small group of our members helped assemble the bookshelves with Bob Goebel: Rod Brown, Bob Bundy, Phil Michel, Jack Flesher and Roger Bowles. The bookshelves were divided between the following schools: Lawrence Elementary, Benton Elementary, Christ the King and Rolph Literacy Academy.
  • Our annual Bookshelf Delivery to the first graders at Lawrence and Benton Elementary schools took place on February 9, 2021. Covid concerns and the weather prevented two attempts for our club members to help with the delivery of the bookshelves, so it was decided that it was best to drop the bookshelves off for the teachers to hand out to the students.
  • We had 8 members ring bells for the  Salvation Army in December, organized by Vern Klassen.
  • On behalf of our club, several members contributed the $134 requested by Kristine Sabino, teacher at Hadley Middle School, to purchase four microscopes for her classroom.
  • Paxton’s Blessing Box: $75 was contributed to install a box at Lawrence Elementary. A hat was passed at our meeting when Paxton spoke to our club resulting in a collection of $228 to help stock the blessing boxes along with groceries brought to the meeting by our members.
  • $520 was contributed to student Kade Plush for his Eagle Scout project to improve outdoor areas at Lawrence Elementary.
  • Allan Sands and Sharon West delivered $50 Target gift cards, provided by our club, to 63 teachers at Lawrence and Benton Elementary schools at the beginning of the school year to purchase supplies for their classrooms.
  • Rod Brown delivered the 50 food boxes to the Dear Neighbor Ministries that our club received through our Rotary District’s “Food for our Neighbors” project.
  • $1,000 High School Scholarships were awarded to three selected graduating seniors to attend a Kansas Vo-Tech School.
  • A partial scholarship was provided for a high school student to attend an abbreviated one day pop-up RYLA camp.
  • Six of our nine monthly STAR Classes, organized by Mark Hansen, were held this year with an average of 7 members in attendance at each class.
  • We participated in the District Smiley Sign project, overseen by Nancy Chadick.
  • Our club has contributed  approximately $18,500 to The Rotary Foundation.
  • 29 donors made contributions to The Rotary Foundation of $100 or more.
  • We had 15 Paul Harris Fellow recognition recipients.  
  • Former member and our 2009-10 Past President, Tim Devine, passed away on November 15, 2020.           
We look forward to resuming activities in the new Rotary year that were prevented by the pandemic, such as: David Weber Extra Effort awards, Wine Dinner Fundraiser (save the date for October 9th), RITE program, Open World, Service Above Self Award, handing out Bookshelves, Annual Soup Luncheon, Interact Club, Riverfest Food Court volunteering, Dictionary Deliveries, Necessities for the Needy.
Our condolences to Pat Walden and family in the loss of his father.  
Quarterly Dues statements will be e-mailed this week. Please watch for your statement to arrive  through our website ClubRunner and remember that payments are due in JULY.
Contributions to The Rotary Foundation need to be made before June 30 if you would like to be in the drawing for a week's stay at Roger Bowles' cabin in Colorado. Also, those in the Paul Harris Fellow group need to submit payment. 
Semi-Annual Committee meetings will be held during our regular meeting time on July 13. 
Have a happy & safe
4th of July!
Toasting 20 years
The Rotary Club of WSC-Sunrise was chartered on June 22, 2001. Ralph Hight (WW Rotary) and Eldon Addy (Downtown Rotary) led the charge in forming the new club, supported by the efforts of our  members. The Sunrise club celebrated this milestone at their meeting last week with 52 in attendance, including their club members, Rotary & city leaders, and a group from our club. 
Last meeting: 50% 
Membership: 58
Last year: 52%
Membership: 61
Jim Goentzel brought by Vern Klassen
Heidi Bowen brought by Mark Hansen
Geri Appel - Downtown Rotary
Dave Abbott, Roger Bowles, Bob Broeckelman, Jack Flesher, Bob Goebel, Colin McKenney, John Mosley and Maurice Linnens attended the Sunrise Club.
ROTARY AWARENESS DRAWING: didn't do this week
$2 in the raffle last week.  If an Ace is drawn this week, the pot will be worth over $217.  There are 10 cards left in the deck with 1 Ace. Proceeds from the raffle are used to purchase groceries for needy families at Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas.
A Leave of Absence was granted to Rita Rowlen due to health issues.
Scott Hinderliter was approved to take Rita Rowlen's place on the Board as Vocational Service Chair.
The Board approved the resignation of Angela Malley.
New Member proposal, Heidi Bowen, was approved for a 7-Day Publication.
Jon Roper, incoming Club Secretary has some new ideas for our birthday recognitions.
Randy Bowles has been sending Introductory Letters to new members.
A new procedure is being discussed to encourage members to pay dues on time. 
Member Birthdays
7 - Pam Chambers 
8 - Kandace Day 
8 - John Oswald
11 - Terry Finger
11 - Phil Michel
16 - Brian Goudie
18 - Mindy Wagner
19 - Gregg Greenwood
19 - John Mosley
22 - Bob Bundy
25 - Monty Allen
26 - Marv Fisher
28 - Lori Taylor
31 - Sean Babjak
Last week's meeting...
We had a nice turn out and enjoyed entertainment by Christi Moore and Jesse Warkentin from Roxy's.
The Four-Way Test of the things we think, say or do:
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
3. Will it build GOODWILL and better FRIENDSHIPS?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?