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Rotary Goes to School
Lawrence Elementary serves a school community that has over 70% of the children at or below the poverty level. During the year the Rotary Club of West Wichita provides a series of programs that allow us to support every student, teacher and administrator at the school as well as allowing all Rotarians to participate in at least some part of the project.
Rotarians to work side by side on programs that are fun and that provide a service to the school. Club members have worked together on a variety of programs including building bookshelves, painting a map, sponsoring field trips, delivering books to students, etc.
Because this project is modular, it is quite easy to emulate. Any club can begin with a support level they can manage both in terms of budget and volunteer time. The program can then grow as the club's resources grow. And it is certainly not difficult to find a school that needs support.
To promote their interest in reading, each Kindergarten student received a personalized book with their own name and the name of two of their friends. They are the main character in the story which centers on developing a positive self image through positive behavior.
First Grade

Continuing the emphasis on reading, first graders receive their own bookshelves built by the Rotarians. The day they are delivered by the Rotarians, each student is given stickers to use to decorate their own bookshelf and 3 books to start their collection.
Second Grade
The second graders attend the lunch time show at the Crown Uptown Dinner Theater as guests of the Rotary Club.
Third Grade

The Rotarians have as much fun visiting Exploration Place as the students do. The students are treated to all of the shows as well as the exhibits at this hands-on science museum.
Fourth Grade 

The students get a chance to experience the aircraft heritage of our city with a visit to the Kansas Aviation Museum where they delight in hands-on experiences. An exciting climax for the 2002 field trip came when students were able to watch, from the original control tower, take offs and landings from McConnell Air Force Base. It was the first time many students had ever seen a plane take off or land.

Fifth Grade 

The oldest students at the school get a chance to experience the responsibility that goes with privilege and the joy of giving back. The Rotarians work with the school and the local police department to clean up the homes of elderly residents in the school's neighborhood. In return, Rotary sponsors a field trip for them to Abilene, Kansas to visit the Eisenhower Museum.

Student Awards

Each teacher at the school selects a student in their class for special recognition. It might be for achievement, improvement or effort.The teacher and the student are guests at a Rotary lunch meeting and the teacher explains why the student was chosen and the student receives a beautifully framed certificate of achievement.
Newspaper in Education

Copies of the local newspaper are provided to the school for the teachers to use with the students as part of the paper's Newspaper in Education program.
U.S. Map

A 30-foot by 20-foot colorful map of the United States was painted on the playground at the school. The teachers were provided a list of games that can be played to reinforce the students' study of geography, social studies and other subjects. All three major TV stations in Wichita filmed the painting of the map and carried coverage on their 6:00 and 10:00 news that night. The map was used again a few days later as a backdrop for the 2000 election coverage.
Student Rewards

Rotarians collect items for the teachers to use as incentives to reward students for academic success as well as positive behavior. Contributions have included T-shirts, ball caps, toys, books, pens, pencils, calendars, sport bottles and many other items. Over 1000 items have been collected already in this first year of this program.
Angel Tree
Rotarians provide requested items from students and their families selected by the school for the angel tree program. One Rotarian spent hours in search of the specific, hard to find toy requested by the student. 

Dena Largent, Dave Weber, Bob Goebel, Jack Flesher, and Mike Shockley
load presents into Weber's Christmas-red pickup truck on December 16, 2003.
Holiday Groceries

Food is provided at Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter for the families identified by the school administration. This includes turkeys, hams, and all the trimmings for a wonderful holiday meal.
Hot Dog Feed
The Rotary and School year ends with this club favorite.Rotarians cook hot dogs on a large outdoor grill and provide a picnic lunch for the students and the club members.
Club meeting at school
As a way of saying thanks and encouraging the Rotarians to feel comfortable visiting the school, Lawrence Elementary hosts a Rotary club meeting at the school. The school provides the lunch and the students provide decorations and a program.
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