Hot Dog Feed - 2002 (Click on any photo to enlarge)
The Rotary and School year ends with this club favorite. 
Rotarians cook hot dogs on a large outdoor grill and provide a picnic lunch for the students and the club members. 

May 28, 2002

Report by Lucy Shifton

A big thank you to everyone who helped with the 2002 hot dog feed at Lawrence Elementary School. We received several pictures of appreciation from some of the students before it was even over! It seemed that everyone looked forward to the picnic – especially the staff when they found out Walt was fixing them bratwursts with hard rolls. We appreciate the Goebel’s for allowing us to use the grill from Star Lumber. Everyone pitched in and made the day a success- especially the set-up and clean-up groups. David Lane took some great pictures which can be viewed on our website. Check them out – you may be featured. Thanks again to everyone.

(A special thanks to Lucy for organizing the event and to Steve Winslow & Tim Devine for providing the bookmarks for the students.)


Banner-xchg1web.JPG (23359 bytes)Rev. Mark Frickey showed up at RHCC to attend our meeting last week only to find out that we were at Lawrence Elementary. So he and his father-in-law, Dean Starkey of Starkey Music, joined us at Lawrence and enjoyed learning of our club’s involvement with the school. Mark was a visiting Rotarian from the Red Hook Rotary Club in New York.

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