Oct 18, 2022 12:00 PM
Rachel Banning & Stacee Olden
Orpheum Theatre

Rachel Banning, Orpheum Performing Arts Centre’s Executive Director. She is also an entrepreneur and collaborator who is passionate about finding new and innovative ways to grow projects and people. She is a Wichita native, Wichita State University graduate and together with her husband owns a small durable medical company.

Stacee Olden, Orpheum Performing Arts Centre’s Development Director. Stacee is by nature a genuine relationship builder, with cultivation and collaboration at the core of her development efforts. She feels all paths have led her to the Orpheum where her passion lives and she is thrilled to be here to bring this grand theatre to her restored glory and continue showcasing first class performing arts in ICT. 

Today's presentation: For 100 years the Orpheum has been a cornerstone in the heart of Wichita, providing lively entertainment and elevating the SOUL of our downtown. Olden will reflect on the grandeur and impact this iconic landmark has had on our community and Banning will share how the theatre is using technology to further restoration.