Jul 02, 2024 12:00 PM
Passing of the Gavel, Committee Reports & Introduction of Satellite Club

Today marks a new Rotary year and serves as our annual Year-End meeting. Past Presidents will assist in Passing the Gavel "through the years" up to Ed Frey who is this year's Club President! Committee Chairs will share briefly about what their committees have accomplished this past year. In addition, we are launching our new Rotary Satellite Club of West Wichita - Service with the introduction of their members!

WHAT IS A SATELLITE CLUB? Satellite clubs offer members and prospective members a way to create a new club experience together, as a smaller group supported by an established local club. This club type needs fewer members to get started and helps people get exactly what they want out of Rotary. Our Rotary Club of West Wichita will serve as the sponsor and the governing body for this Satellite club which was organized by DeAnn Sullivan with 13 Charter members. Just like launching any Rotary club, forming a satellite club brings community members together to have fun and grow personally and professionally while serving their communities. They will hold regular meetings twice a month on Fridays, organize service projects, and have their own club leaders. They will have the opportunity to join us in our service projects and vice versa.