Jul 27, 2021 12:00 PM
Brandon Gaide, Sevenfold Consulting
"Making Strategy Sexy Again"

Most leaders have a clear vision of where they want their organizations to go.  But getting there is often tedious and dispiriting, leading to unmotivated employees and underwhelming results.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Strategy can have more life than a binder or a Gantt chart.  Brandon will explore how strategy can be profoundly invigorating, calling out the best in people, and producing sustained hope, purpose, and growth.  

Brandon Gaide leads a strategy and innovation consultancy called Sevenfold, in partnership with Hutton.  He helps organizations transform and grow by unlocking employees’ genius and creativity.  He has consulted for a wide variety of industries, from manufacturing to banking to non-profits.  A former ordained Presbyterian pastor, he holds an MBA from Indiana University, an MDiv from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a BA from the University of Texas.  He has lived in five foreign countries, learned and forgotten four languages, has two daughters, two Vizslas, and one wife.  Brandon and his family have lived in Wichita for four years.