May 14, 2024 12:00 PM
Adam Tannehill, Networking Officer
LANGE Companies

Adam Tannehill’s journey with LANGE began in 2021 when he joined Lange Real Estate as an inside sales representative. He quickly gained valuable experience in understanding client needs and providing exceptional service. His dedication and enthusiasm quickly caught the attention of the team, which brought him into the role of creative sales and marketing in the summer of the same year. This opportunity allowed him to combine his creative mindset with his sales expertise, contributing to the growth and success of Lange Real Estate.

His experience with LANGE eventually led him to the position of networking officer for LANGE Companies, taking on a strategic business development role. A natural connector, this role gives Adam the opportunity to leverage his networking skills while he establishes valuable connections with key stakeholders in several industries. He thrives on cultivating partnerships and identifying growth opportunities for the company. With his invaluable expertise in cultivating opportunities, fostering growth, and driving business development, he has been an asset to the LANGE team.

Adam attended Midland University, focusing on commercial art and advertising. Before joining LANGE, his professional pursuits combined his love of sports, entrepreneurship and marketing. He has a knack for staying ahead of market trends and adopting innovative strategies.

Beyond his professional life, he also finds time for golfing, volunteering, running his business, and some artistic pursuits. He’s been married since October 2019 to his wife, Nicole. They have two dogs named Mia and Piper.