Jun 08, 2021 12:00 PM
Isaac McNary, Project Manager
The Outreach Program

Isaac McNary began humanitarian work during high school after his first trip to impoverished villages in Nicaragua. Since then, his relief and development work with the world’s most vulnerable populations has taken him to Central America, South America, Africa and impoverished communities in the United States.

In 2009, Isaac began engaging hundreds of thousands of volunteers across the U.S. in meal packing events to package more than 50 million meals for food insecure people both here in America and various developing countries. During the response to the Haiti earthquake in 2010, he coordinated a six-month effort to engage more than 120,000 volunteers across America to package more than 20 million meals for disaster relief. During the pandemic of 2020, he coordinated the packaging of more than 10 million meals in Kansas for a nation-wide response.

Isaac is the Project Manager for The Outreach Program, an international non-profit with a mission to provide a future for the world’s most vulnerable children through safe water, food, medical care and education. His area of expertise is in the creation and installation of solar-powered water purification systems and frequently travels to Tanzania, East Africa where Outreach has been creating social impact through those four areas since 2004.

Isaac is also a professional visual storyteller and uses photography and videography expertise to create compelling narratives for humanitarian efforts. 

Today, Isaac will speaker to our club about the Gallapo Water Project. District 5680 is partnering with The Outreach Program and The Rotary club of Babati Tanzania to provide clean water to the village of Gallapo, Tanzania. Population 19,500. They will be refurbishing a large communal water system and installing Waterpoint Stationary systems in each of the seven schools in Gallapo to provide strategic access points to clean water around the village.

Isaac is the President-Elect of the El Dorado Rotary Club.