Oct 24, 2023 12:00 PM
Marsha "The Sock Lady" Potvin
Footprints ICT

Marsha Potvin is the Founder and CEO of Footprints ICT, a 501c3 non-profit here in Wichita.

Marsha grew up in Manhattan, Kansas but moved to Wichita in the mid 70’s. During her career, she helped manufacturing companies build their products faster, better, cheaper as a business systems consultant. She and her husband retired in 2016 and traveled the country in their motor home, but settled back down in Wichita when they missed their granddaughter too much.

Marsha’s sister started working with a non-profit out of Denver collecting NEW socks for those in-need in Manhattan. Marsha liked the idea, and was affiliated with the same Denver non-profit for a short time. In 2019, she decided she wanted to be able to make her own decisions, so she started her own 501c3 and called it Footprints ICT.

Marsha had no idea how huge the need in Wichita was for something as simple as a pair of NEW socks. She started with one outreach event in Riverside Park and put a sock drawer in the first Title 1 School in 2019. Four short years later, Footprints ICT now furnishes NEW socks at multiple outreach events, has sock drawers in over 80 schools, and has distributed over 43,000 pairs of NEW socks.

When she’s not handing a pair of socks to someone in-need, she enjoys traveling with her husband Michael and their beagle Sofie.