Jul 26, 2022 12:00 PM
Breana Tucker & Lorrie Beck
Alzheimer's Association

Breana Tucker, LMSW is the Program Director for the Central and Western Kansas chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association and has been with the Chapter for over 6 years.   Breana holds degrees in social work and psychology and Breana has 8 years of experience working in the social service area. This includes community outreach, family support and consultation, community and professional education, program design and administration, support group facilitation, and direct care services.  

Lorrie Beck, Community Educator, Central & Western Kansas Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. Well before Lorrie moved to Wichita from Denver, Colorado in 2001, she knew something wasn't quite right with her mother's memory.  Her family struggled with how to deal with these memory issues until they sought out a geriatric specialist who officially diagnosed her mother with Alzheimer's Disease in January 2013. Later that year, her parents - who had been living in rural central Kansas - were convinced to move to Wichita to live with Lorrie. Four months after moving into Lorrie's house, her father suffered a major stroke and 4 weeks later, he died of complications. After his death, Lorrie told her sister she would retire early from the Great Plains Nature Center in order to care for her mother at home. Before her retirement from the US Fish & Wildlife Service in December 2014, Lorrie used Larksfield Place's Memory Care - Adult Day program to help her juggle work and care for her mother. Lorrie cared for her mother in her home for nearly 5 years until April 1, 2019, when Alzheimer's Disease progressed to the point where Lorrie and her sister were unable to continue to care for their mother in her home. Lorrie's mother is currently a resident of a memory care facility here in Wichita. Lorrie has been a volunteer with the Alzheimer's Association since August, 2018.