Feb 21, 2023 12:00 PM
Jill Seiler
"Modern Dairy Industry & It's Contribution to Kansas Economy"
Raised on a small family dairy farm northwest of Wichita, Jill Seiler learned the value of hard work and found a passion for the food and ag industry. She pursued that interest at Kansas State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in agriculture focusing on agricultural communications and journalism. Today she helps tell the stories of agriculturists in her role as digital marketing analyst at American AgCredit. In her free time, she still manages to get in the milk barn a few times a month. Jill also enjoys gardening, perfecting her homemade pasta recipe (with lots of cheese) and spending time with her nephews.
Dairy is one of the fastest growing commodities in Kansas, but the farm of the future doesn’t necessarily look like what you may think. This presentation will explore what a modern dairy farm looks like, the technology available to farmers and the impact of the dairy industry on our local economy.