Founder & CEO, ICM
Mar 23, 2021 12:00 PM
Dave VanderGriend
Founder & CEO, ICM

While growing up on a farm in Iowa, Dave VanderGriend learned early on how farming affects both rural communities and the global economy. Dave began working in the ethanol industry in the 1970s and later became vice president of operations for High Plains Corporation, an ethanol production company.

In 1995, he used this knowledge to create ICM with the goal of advancing renewable energy using efficient, streamlined methods that sustain agriculture and reduce waste. The company began as a 20-employee fabrication shop. ICM has since become the ethanol industry’s leading provider of process technologies, which have been integrated into more than 100 plants worldwide, which collectively produce 8.8 billion gallons of ethanol and 25 million tons of distillers grains annually.

In 2012, Dave received the Renewable Fuels Association Leadership Award for his role in advancing the ethanol industry through improved efficiencies and technological development that helps increase profitability throughout the industry.

As president of Urban Air Initiative, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving air quality and protecting public health by reducing vehicle emissions, Dave drives change on a national level. He is also a board member of Growth Energy, the leading biofuel trade association in the country that represents producers and supporters of ethanol who are working to bring consumers better choices at the fuel pump and improve the environment for future generations.

Dave is passionate about supporting projects and charitable organizations that involve people, food, energy and environmental restoration. He cares deeply about many local and international causes and is focused on removing barriers to opportunities and providing those less fortunate with the means to thrive.