Oct 13, 2020 12:00 PM
Curtis The Mentalist
“Exactly what he does is difficult to describe, but somehow he seems to tell audiences what they are thinking—and make them laugh while he’s doing it.  
Comedy mentalist and magician Curtis Waltermire (a.k.a. “Curtis The Mentalist”) began presenting his rather unusual and hilarious brand of entertainment and speaking presentations to corporate and private audiences in the late 1980s in his hometown of St. Joseph, Illinois.  Born and raised in Illinois, his life and business has found him, his wife and two daughters living all over the U.S. in such places as Los Angeles, CA; Petersburg, VA; Tacoma, WA; Anchorage, Alaska; and for the last several years he has called Wichita his home.  He can be seen frequently on local television, performing corporate gigs at Century II, the Kansas Star Casino, and all of the major hotels throughout the city.  His monthly public show “The Mastermind Show” is in it’s third year at Wichita’s Loony Bin Comedy Club and often plays to sold out crowds.    
While 2020 began as a record year for bookings, the lockdowns in March of 2020 (due to COVID 19) brought his entertainment and speaking business to a screeching halt, with events either completely canceling or rescheduling into 2021.  His cashflow completely ceased, clients began requesting refunds, and there was no end in sight.       
Until he decided to build a virtual entertainment studio.  
His creative juices always flowing, Curtis quickly began researching and transforming his home office into a thriving virtual entertainment studio, where he has live-streamed fun and amazing shows and presentations over the last several months to people all over the world in such places like Pakistan, Korea, Bangladesh, and all throughout the United States.  
Curtis will speak about how and when he realized a major change in his business needed to be made, the risks and what it took to make those changes, and the challenges and rewards that pivoting his business has brought with it."