180 bookshelves built in 180 minutes! It's quite an impressive process...just like Santa's workshop! Our thanks to Roger Bowles for organizing this project and Bob Goebel for providing the wood, supplies and workshop! A special thanks to our District Governor Kurt Harper and Jessica, 4th grade teacher from Lawrence Elementary for taking time out of their evening schedule to lend a hand! All those in attendance last Thursday evening include: Roger Bowles, Rod Brown, Bob Broeckelman, Bob Goebel, Grady Goff, Cindy Hand, DG Kurt Harper, Jessica (teacher), Shelli Kadel, Vern Klassen, Dan Kreis, John Mosley, Jonathan Roper and Diane Walker. The bookshelves will be delivered to the first graders at Benton and Lawrence Elementary schools on Tuesday, January 21, during our regular club meeting time (mark your calendar now). The remainder of the bookshelves will go to another area elementary school.