At induction, new members are presented with a temporary red badge to wear at our meetings. They are asked to choose five of the ten categories listed below and complete at least one item from each of those five categories (if there are multiple items to choose from). Upon completion, they receive their permanent blue badge. The goal of this program is to help new members expand their knowledge of Rotary and present opportunities for Rotary service and fellowship.

1. Attend a STAR Class (Special Training for Action in Rotary) which serves as a new member orientation. These meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 11:30 a.m. in the Par room at RHCC unless otherwise publicized. 

(Please note that it is recommended to attend 9 consecutive classes to receive information about all aspects of Rotary.) 

2. Read “The ABC’s of Rotary”. 

3. Display the “Object of Rotary”, “The 4-Way Test”, or “The Declaration of Rotarians in Business and Professions” in your office or place of business. (available upon request). 

4. Attend and/or participate in a club function, such as: 

• Fellowship or social activity 

• Board meeting 

• Committee meeting 

• Project or service activity 

• Fireside meeting 

5. Participate in a club project, such as: 

• Bookshelf building (November) 

• Monthly groceries for needy families (during the school year) 

• Holiday grocery shopping and deliveries (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas) 

• Ring bells for the Salvation Army (December) 

6. Make up a meeting by attending another Rotary club’s meeting. 

7. To expand Rotary to others, invite a guest to Rotary or propose a new member. 

8. Experience the internationality of Rotary by choosing to do one of the following: 

• Host a Youth Exchange Student for a meal or other activity 

• Host a Foundation scholar for a meal or other activity 

• Host a Rotarian or non-Rotarian from another country in your home 

9. Attend a district meeting: 

  • • District 5690 Conference 
  • • District 5690 Assembly 
  • • District 5690 Rotary Foundation seminar 
  • • Another district, zone, and international meetings 

10. Become knowledgeable about the Rotary Foundation and support the Rotary Foundation by participating in Every Rotarian Every Year