Posted by DeAnn Sullivan
We've done lots of playground maps using a stencil of the United States. We just completed creating a stencil that will let us do a world map.
Next up will be to actually put a map on a playground. Anyone have a location in mind?
A huge thank you to all who helped us this week finish creating a reusable stencil to paint a world map on a school playground.
Shelli Kadel arranged for us to use the building where she’s working (thank you Mike Garvey) to work on the project.
Fred Heismeyer, DeAnn Sullivan and Aadhar Jain along with WSU students from the Cultural Ambassador Program and their sponsors taped the stencils together and traced all the markings onto large sheets of plastic.
Vern Klassen, Roger Bowles and Bob Goebel then drilled holes in the plastic to create the stencil that can now be used to paint a world map on a school playground.