Jul 20, 2021 12:00 PM
Meet Keeper the Clydesdale and learn about the WPD Mounted Unit
Meet Keeper the Clydesdale and learn about the WPD Mounted Unit

Sergeant Edward D Brower | Mounted Unit Commander is our guest to talk about the role the police mounted unit plays in crowd control and public relations. Sergeant Brower will also be bringing one of the unit's newest members, Keeper. Keeper is a Clydesdale who was given as a gift by Together Wichita in July 2019. Keeper has gone through extensive training and is a proud member of the mounted unit. After Sergeant's Brower's remarks, we can adjourn outside to meet Keeper in person.

The mission of the Wichita Police Mounted Unit is to augment and enhance traditional police activities during special events, search and rescue activities, public relation functions, and specialized patrol activities.

The Mounted Unit is an auxiliary unit composed of commissioned members of the Police Department. The Mounted Unit is activated by special order to support the activities of other departmental units during major community events or police operations to provide crowd control in areas where other patrol techniques are less effective and during search and rescue operations covering large geographical areas. Each year, the Mounted Unit honors numerous requests from the community to represent the Police Department during special activities to build police/community relations.

Jul 27, 2021 12:00 PM
Making Strategy Sexy Again
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Highlights from last week's Committee Meetings...
Kandace Day – Chair
Assignments were made for their ongoing Projects. Program Chairs will be responsible for finding someone to lead the Pledge at our weekly meetings during their month. They will also be reaching out to members for speaker suggestions. Special events & Chairs: Wine Event – Colin McKenney; Soup Luncheon - Colby Reynolds and Sean Babjak; Christmas Luncheon - Diane Walker; Winter Social – Club Service Committee; Baseball outing – John Oswald.
Jodi Besthorn – Chair
Our Salvation Army Bell Ringing project will be organized by Vern Klassen. Jon Roper will coordinate freshening up 3 playground maps. This will be the last year for Roger Bowles and Bob Goebel to lead the bookshelf project so alternate arrangements will be made for future years. Jodi Besthorn will get the teacher gift cards and set up a meeting with the principals at Lawrence and Benton schools.
Scott Hinderliter – Chair
Discussed Fireside meetings and new ways to tie that into our Scholarship program. The focus for our High School Scholarships will continue to be for Vo-Tech bound students. Hoping to resume our Interact Club.
Mark Hansen – Chair
Plan to be involved with the Open World Program and RITE Program if they are back up and running this year. Discussed other international opportunities we could get involved in, such as an international water project.
Monty Allen – Chair
Assignments were made for their ongoing projects. They will contact members who are close to a PHF in the second half of the year. Plan to set up a new Group of 10 to start in July 2022. Will continue to use Bowles’ cabin as an incentive for $100 Foundation donations.
Mindy Wagner – Chair
To be reported
STAR Class today @ 11:30 in the Par Room @ RHCC.
Topic: Community Service
Bring a bottle (or more!) of wine to any of our Tuesday meetings to donate for our Wine Dinner Event on October 9.
Quarterly Dues statements were e-mailed on June 30. Please pay your dues promptly.
End of the Quarter Report, April-June 2021
Households participating: 9
Total Donations: $40.84
Our WEST WICHITA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION gets a small percentage of every purchase made with a Dillons card by our club members who are signed up for the program. If you aren't already signed up with another organization, please consider linking our club's Foundation with your Dillons card. It's easy and it doesn't take away from your personal Dillons rewards! If you are interested in signing up, see Dave Abbott, Project Chair or go to: to enroll.
Last meeting: 59% 
Membership: 58
Last year: 35% (zoom only meeting)
Membership: 60
HOLIDAY RAFFLE: No raffle last week.  If an Ace is drawn this week, the pot will be worth over $246.  There are 9 cards left in the deck with 1 Ace. Proceeds from the raffle are used to purchase groceries for needy families at Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas.
Week's stay at the Bowles' cabin: Rita Rowlen. Our thanks to the Bowles' for making their cabin available for this drawing!
Group of 10 drawing to be named a PHF: Brent Groves
7 - Pam Chambers 
8 - Kandace Day 
8 - John Oswald
11 - Terry Finger
11 - Phil Michel
16 - Brian Goudie
18 - Mindy Wagner
19 - Gregg Greenwood
19 - John Mosley
22 - Bob Bundy
25 - Monty Allen
26 - Marv Fisher
28 - Lori Taylor
31 - Sean Babjak
*this week's birthdays are in red
The Four-Way Test of the things we think, say or do:
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
3. Will it build GOODWILL and better FRIENDSHIPS?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
2021-22 Rotary International Theme