May 02, 2023 12:00 PM
Jill Ayres, Co-Founder
Jill is a passionate speaker and excited about all things foster care. Listen to her stories and experiences, and your heart will begin to break for children and a fire will ignite within your spirit to make a difference. Jill is fueled by her love to see children and parents thrive in all circumstances.
Jill speaks from her own experiences (providing insider information) as a former foster child in the Kansas System. After aging out of the system, she enrolled in college majoring in  psychology. She has one biological child and has adopted four out of foster care. She was a foster parent in Omaha, NE for 16 years, and has been fostering in Kansas for 5 years and counting. She has had over 300 children in her home (long-term, respite, and PPC). 
Jill has extensive experience with RAD, and sexual abuse victims. She is a Nationally Certified Parent Support Provider (Federation of Families; Washington, DC), Circle of Security parenting trainer, Trauma Informed Care (ACES, Vicarious Trauma) trainer, TIPPS-MAPP trainer, former CASA worker, and has worked in child welfare for 25 years. 
“It can take ten minutes out of one person’s day to change the trajectory of a child’s life forever.”