Mar 10, 2020 12:00 PM
Kylie Stupka, President
Youth Entrepreneurs

Kylie Stupka was born and spent her primary years in northeast Colorado.  Her mother was as a bookkeeper and her father worked his way up through the ranks of a natural gas company.  His promotion to management moved her and her two brothers, of which she was the middle, to northwest Kansas where she attended Colby High School and Colby Community College.  She completed Colby Community college with an AA in Pre-law and with academic All-American volleyball honors.  After completing her post-secondary education at Kansas State University with a BS in Accounting, Kylie went to work for BKD CPAs and Advisors in Wichita, KS.  During her time with BKD she specialized in manufacturing and NPO accounting and consulting while heading up the recruiting and hiring practice. This specialization lead her to Youth Entrepreneurs.

Youth Entrepreneurs (YE) cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset through its experiential learning model and opportunities to apply those learnings, fostering personal transformation and self-actualization in educators and their students, who in turn positively impact their communities. Through its eight Foundational Values, YE focuses on Principled Entrepreneurship® which emphasizes key principles and character traits such as integrity, responsibility and respect in addition to teaching core entrepreneurial and economic concepts.

Youth Entrepreneurs (YE) allows educators the freedom to implement its experiential curriculum in the way they deem is best for their students, regardless of the class’s subject matter or setting. Through this flexibility and customization, YE educators are able to focus on developing the individual characteristics and innate abilities of the students in their class – moving them towards becoming a contributing member of society – without a need to seek conformity through standardization.

YE seeks to ignite a passion for learning across the nation that taps in to the talents of educators who can unlock the incredible gifts each student has to offer. Educators are encouraged to utilize an entrepreneurial mindset and truly own their classroom by offering engaging and hands-on activities of their choice that help build self-confidence and provide real-world experiences for their students. Resources, tools and support are offered by YE to ensure educators are successful.